Choose simple, permanent, weight loss!

Join my 6- week Jump Start program.
We'll start with the basics and get you on your way to losing weight!

What we will work on Together:

Personalized Eating Plan

Mindset Mastery


No more counting calories!

We will use the principles of insulin control and hormone regulation through food choices and timing.

I will help you create your own personal eating plan that you love, and will use indefinitely to lose the weight and keep it off for good!

This the key to lasting results!

Your mind controls your actions.  I will help you always stay in control, so you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself!

You are not alone!

I will help you navigate any issues that come up, whether it is a plateau in your weight loss, or job/personal life issues that are holding you back.  

Healthy diet eating plan. Meal planning.
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"Sonali's Weight Loss Program is Amazing!

Sonali is really patient and full of information.

Her coaching allowed me to shed the pounds without feeling restricted or frustrated.

I learned the tools that will make this new lifestyle sustainable!"
- Michelle V.

"Sonali is just the right coach for me.

Sonali knows just how to support me in my quest to achieve my perfect weight.

She gently guided me back to what was true for me, what my goals were, and how my thinking was determining my results."
- E.B.