Your Current Weight Story:

The Problem ...

  • The food pyramid has led us astray promoting a carb heavy diet and frequent snacks

  • The food industry promotes endless amounts of processed foods

  • All the low-calorie 'diets' out there don't work long-term!

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You ...

  • An amazing, accomplished professional woman, who has succeeded at everything...but losing weight!                                   

  • Have tried numerous weight loss strategies in the past                                  

  • Are convinced your metabolism might be broken...

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What you Need!

  • Learn the simple science behind sustained weight loss.                                        

  • A personalized eating plan that you love!                        

  • Coaching on all the obstacles in your way          

  • Support during every step of your weight loss journey!

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My Mission:

I want to provide busy professional women eating and mindset strategies that enable them to lose weight and feel better! 

It is possible to eat real, whole foods, and be comfortable and satisfied WHILE

losing weight!

Let's Work Together!

  • Understand how your struggle with weight loss is constructed

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food

  • Maintain your weight loss!

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What We'll Do

Personalized eating plan

I will help you create your own personal eating plan using real whole foods that you love, and will use indefinitely to lose the weight and keep it off for good!

No more counting calories:

We will use the principles of insulin control and hormone regulation through food choices and timing.

Mindset Mastery

This the key to lasting results!  Your mind controls your actions.  I will help you always stay in control, so you are achieving the goals you have set for yourself!

1:1 Coaching

I will help you navigate any issues that come up, whether it is a plateau in your weight loss, or job/personal life issues that are holding you back.  

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