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The 4 Pillars of weight loss

Why isn't it just one pillar: that of eating the right foods? Because our brains are complex and we lead busy, complicated lives! Subject to stress, demands of work and home life, and the calling of our primitive brain which when left unchecked leads us to answer to its every whim and urge. Also, our bodies need certain conditions to be met in order to release the excess weight

Here they are:

  1. Food protocol. This is the no-brainer part! We need to eat the right foods to adequately nourish and satiate, while allowing our hormones to be in optimal balance

  2. Mind management. Keeping your pre-frontal cortex (the 'boss' part of your brain) fully in charge. This is the part of your brain, that is going to make food plans ahead of time, problem solve, and to keep you from giving in to urges.

  3. Sleep and stress control. Professional athletes know that adequate sleep and stress management is critical for optimal performance. It's the same for weight loss. When you are sleep deprived and stressed constantly, cortisol levels are high, and this is not conducive to weight loss, even if you are following your eating plan 100%

  4. The ability to reassess and pivot. Weight loss is not a one and done process. What works for the first 6 months, may need to be tweaked going forward. The Maintenance phase my require a slightly different approach. By being open to change along the way, you can always figure out how to achieve what you want every step of the way!

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