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Why diets don't work

If you're like me, you have been on countless diets in your lifetime. If they worked, why would weight still be a struggle? The fact is that over 95% of dieters regain their weight within 1-5 years. Most diets are based on the old-fashioned model of 'Calories in-Calories out'. Yes, for a short while, the body will respond to a calorie deficit by accessing fat stores. But after a while, this causes the metabolism to slow and the body to go into scarcity mode. Essentially, it is not wanting to let go of fat because it is in a mild starvation mode.

Diets and diet mentality are also very difficult to maintain! There is initial excitement, and motivation, and these wane over time as you start to feel deprived, or when the results seemingly stop.

The secret: don't diet. Change your way of eating, and change your mind.

Sustained weight loss is achieved by developing a healthy way of eating that you actually like and can sustain! You need a multi-faceted approach including food protocol, mindset, sleep and stress control.

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