End the Weight Struggle Permanently!

Coaching for Professional Women

You know how to be successful in many areas of life.  This program will help you succeed with weight loss so that you can...

  • Enjoy who you see in the mirror

  • Confidently maintain your results

  • Be proud of your body

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Stop missing out on the life you want! Carrying extra weight takes a toll on every aspect of your life:

  • Confidence

  • Health

  • Ability to keep up with the people you love

Lose the weight and build the confidence to keep it off for good-

This program will show you how.

Permanent weight loss occurs when science, mindset, and strategy are brought together.  This program teaches you:

  • Why dieting doesn't work:

    • It's about more than food choices. We'll explore the hormones, timing of meals, and the effects that different foods have on your body

  • Why you haven't failed

    • ​​Lasting weight loss is a result of changing the relationship with food and finding what works for you​​

  • To enjoy the process of losing weight

    • Struggle and willpower to lose weight are over.  I'll show you the joy of applying everything you learn to have more energy and simply feel better

  • The skills to remain in control around food (and people)

    • Be anywhere and enjoy the experience without eating foods that lead to feeling bad and gaining weight

It's heartbreaking to work so hard on weight loss and not see any results.  You absolutely can be successful and I'm excited to show you how

I'm a physician, Life and Weight Loss Coach, and avid fan of the science and the research behind weight loss.  This program brings together all of it to help you achieve a weight and body you are proud of. 

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The Value of Coaching for Weight Loss:

  • Learn the science around hunger, habits, and hormones and how it all contributes to weight gain

  • You will understand how certain foods affect your body 

  • Assistance with designing a personalized plan for eating 

  • Ongoing support from group members

  • Gain insight on your own life through observing others being coached

  • You will start to think about food differently and make food choices that help you feel better

  • Troubleshoot any obstacle or set-back along the way so that you remain focused on your goals

Your Small Group Program:

  • 4 months of guidance - develop the skills and strategy

    • 2 Weekly group coaching calls

    • 2 Monthly individual coaching calls

  • Written and video instruction on a number of topics that contribute to weight gain. . .to help you lose weight

  • Ongoing support through email between sessions

Investment: $5,000

At Sonali Coaching, we know that as a professional woman you want to feel great about your weight and confident with your body.  In order to do that, you need a program that helps you understand the science around hunger, habits and hormones to develop a plan that works for you.


The problem is most programs and diets don’t work.  Calorie restriction and fad diets are not healthy or sustainable.  They simply lead to feeling defeated and frustrated.  It’s heartbreaking to work so hard and not see any results over and over again.


Sonali is a physician and weight loss coach who created this small group program for you - hardworking  professional women.  She brings together science, mindset, and strategy to help you lose weight and keep it off permanently.  More importantly, to experience a life and body that you love.

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