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We're going to approach weight loss as a new lifestyle — not a quick fix diet.

Right now you're probably wondering:

I'm super busy — how will I fit this in..?

I'm over fad diets and restrictive meal plans... how do I eat in a way that supports weight loss?

What happens when I'm feeling tired and stressed?

Can I really stick with this?

I get it! I'm not here to turn your life upside down (that never works) or to give you a ton of new things to learn and do. We'll take it slow and steady so that it's actually DOABLE.

You'll finally lose the weight. And you'll gain an elevated new life.

In order to achieve this, you need a program that helps you understand the science around hunger, habits and hormones, along with a supportive plan that works for you.

The problem is, most programs and diets don’t work. Calorie restriction and fad diets are not healthy or sustainable... they simply lead to feeling defeated and frustrated. It’s heartbreaking to work so hard and not see any results over and over again.


Nourished & Confident

In this 4-month group coaching program, I'll guide you through the weight loss insights that work for busy, professional women like us — and support you on your own journey to loving how you look, feel, and experience life.

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Brianna from Indiana says...


"I was hesitant to join this group simply for the fear of it being the same as all the other diet programs I've tried and not having sustained change.

Thanks to the great education I received, and the new understanding of things I *thought* I knew about food, dieting, and the like... I have a better appreciation for my journey. I no longer carry guilt and shame surrounding my previous diet failures. I gained new perspectives thanks to feeling I really am NOT alone. The group chats were by far the most helpful and allowed me to feel safe with people I would have never met, or considered sharing my story with. The groups allowed me to feel that this really is something that so many of us struggle with; no matter how successful we may be. Every one of us has joy, dreams, struggles, and pain we deal with.

Learning how to conquer my hateful relationship with food and not let it control me will only continue to help me in my overall transformation. I am forever grateful to you."

Here's why Nourished & Confident is ideal for women just like you:


  • It's not a complicated diet plan
  • Nothing weird, and no fads—this works with your lifestyle
  • You'll get a very manageable amount of content and activities to employ
  • You'll slowly build it up, working it into your schedule
  • Once you get the concepts, they become a part of your life
  • It's realistic for real life
  • You'll learn how to eat in a way to work with your hormones that control weight
  • It’s not calories in / calories out—you'll be eating until you’re full, but eating the right things for you so your body gets the signal to shed the weight.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 16 weekly small group coaching sessions with me and a cohort of other professional women for support, encouragement, refinement, and accountability
  • Monthly private 1:1 sessions for personalized coaching and support
  • 16 weeks of direct messaging with me through Slack (an online messaging app) for support and guidance between our 1:1 and group sessions
  • Assistance with a personalized eating plan
  • Easy-to-follow online videos + worksheets that unlock one step at a time to keep you moving toward your goal
  • Workbook to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Daily planner/journal
  • Electronic weight tracker
  • Skills to combat over-hunger, over-desire, urges, and binge eating
  • Help with developing a naturally healthy relationship with food

The Beautiful Result:

You'll finally lose the weight once and for all.

You'll know it's sustainable.

And you'll have the forever tools and concepts you need to keep the weight off for good.

Let's talk and see if Nourished & Confident is right for you.

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